The Nonfiction Literacy Foundation

Nonfiction literacy is a prerequisite to readiness!


Teachers learn easy ways to support nonfiction literacy while keeping pace with curriculum goals.  Content-area teachers don't have to teach or grade reading to support literacy and lifelong learning.


Parents learn how important it is to support, and how easily it is to support, learning and literacy at home.  Schools cannot do this alone. Parents are confidently making a difference at home.

Students, teachers, and parents are doing this with incredible confidence.

Don't let money or time concerns stop you.

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Welcome to              The Nonfiction Literacy Foundation!

Preston Webster
M.A. Curriculum and Instruction

Through Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University, as an education consultant, and now as founder of a literacy foundation, Preston has trained teachers full-time for 17 years.  In response to the lack of time, money, and classroom support for PD, he has refined PD chunks to make them "attractively small" and "surprisingly effective."  Now, for 13 years he has been showing teachers how to use nonfiction structures to help them design learning and reading materials.  These classroom-ready formative assessments and teaching materials have become practical tools for supporting nonfiction literacy in history, science, and CTE classrooms.  Today, he is involving communities in solving the nonfiction literacy and readiness problem.   

More so than English teachers, content teachers will make our students ready for college and careers.  See how.

Call:  928-243-1927

President and Founder


Students develop lifelong learning skills. They learn tools to guide critical thinking, how to write clear summaries, and how to make their thinking visible. They learn how to coach each other.

Our mission is simple:
"Joining communities and schools to close the nonfiction literacy gap."

Adolescent readers, their teachers, and their parents are solving the nonfiction literacy problem.  Just passing reading in high school is not enough to become ready for life after high school!

Imagine double-digit improvements in reading scores with nothing more than paper, pencil, and high-leverage nonfiction thinking.  Simple but powerful.

Note taking, combined with a refined structure analysis, creates a potent 4-step routine that is drawing people in and developing critical thinkers.  We produce: 1) college-level notes, 2) main ideas, 3) summaries, 4) graphic organizers and structure analysis, 5) questions beyond the text, 6) evidence, and 6) clear pre-writing.

Predictably meet these informational text standards:

  1. Read analytically; Cite evidence
  2. Determine main ideas; Summarize
  3. Learn vocabulary in context
  4. Conduct analysis of structure
  5. Evaluate argument
  6. Use two of more text to build knowledge

We show history, science, and CTE teachers how to lead the way to college and career readiness.