The Nonfiction Literacy Foundation

"The structures and notes have helped me and my students make sense of informational text more than other close reading."
"Students are actually reading more."
"This way to use the informational text structures has helped a lot.  I’ve found ways to use them in more lessons."

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The Program

Teachers, students, administrators, and parents in high schools, colleges and communities are learning how Cornell notes combine with a unique nonfiction structure analysis to create a simple routine that welcomes both teacher and student.  This is a practical routine that invites mastery in nonfiction thinking, reading, and writing.  

College readiness dropping in U.S
It’s our responsibility to make students ready to learn after high school.  Sadly, after all the efforts to fix this problem, the latest ACT results show fewer students are ready for college and career (40%-38%).

Nonfiction literacy and readiness

…literacy is the prerequisite to academic achievement in middle and secondary school and beyond.”
             Snow and Biancarosa (2006)

Less spending – More innovation

More stuff does not equal better scores.  Double-digit improvements in reading are possible with pencil, paper, and nonfiction thinking.  We show students how to learn when and where they choose.

Choice and flexibility

Keep nonfiction literacy strategies that work.  But where you demand something more, faster, practical, or easier, we’ll deliver immediate evidence of increased comprehension and critical thinking.

Reading regularly

Content-area teachers are the experts, have access to meaningful content, and know the disciplinary vocabulary.  We use existing lessons.  Teachers are welcoming an effective approach they use often without a lot of fuss or preparation.  Easy.

Reading at home

We provide parents easy steps to confidently support nonfiction reading and learning at home.

Practical learning skills

Basic readers flourish as critical thought is unleashed.  We target proven learning skills used effectively for decades in colleges, workplaces, and life.  We don’t have the luxury of big solutions.  We’ve refined small chunks of high-leverage skills that produce big results.

Student response... 

Teacher response... 


Teach content  while supporting literacy.

Basic readers flourish by mastering a nonfiction

note taking routine that unleashes critical thought.

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"This program is teaching me independence and responsibility."

"I can take these skills to college and throughout life."

"Helping our fellow students is all that really matters."

"Now we turn words into meaning."


Develop learning skills they use the next day.

"This has given us a chance to make our school a better place."

"Understanding nonfiction is much more simple."

"Knowing the structures has made understanding nonfiction a lot easier."


Support literacy and learning at home.

"This has increased my use of graphic organizers and given me more ideas for vocabulary."

"My being more prepared for informational text is helping my students understand."
"Student engagement is way up if I remember to mix it up."