The Nonfiction Literacy Foundation

  • Adapting professional development into consumable chunks that match limited change capacity in schools

  • Using a literacy routine that moves readers quickly from basic to advanced comprehension

  • Engaging middle and high schools students who have fallen out of practice engaging nonfiction text

  • Using Cornell notes and nonfiction structures (e.g., compare/ contrast, cause/effect) to reliably unleash critical thought

  • Engaging content-area teachers by using a "content learning" approach to supporting literacy (no extra prep required)

  • Creating common formative assessments that drive Plan-Teach-Revise teacher learning cycles

  • Engaging parents with tools to support literacy and learning at home​

As director at NAU, as an independent consultant, and now as founder of a literacy foundation, Preston has trained teachers full-time for 18 years.  Now in schools, colleges, and communities he provides sessions in nonfiction literacy and readiness to students, teachers, administrators, and parents.   He specializes in a practical literacy routine that increases achievement and builds confidence through the mastery of a few high-leverage proven strategies.

STAFF:  To build capacity, we use local teachers to assist with training.   

 Our Principles...

What makes us effective today can be traced to a history of producing results with limited change resources.

It is easy to blame people at all levels for the lack of time and money dedicated to school change.  We have a history of taking responsibility for adapting improvement sessions that use what we have, for tapping into unused potential, and for understanding teacher realities.  We make it work.

Our History... 

Our History Includes... 

Student Testimonials

"This was hard and easy at the same time"

"This will help me in college."

"We are taking on the most dangerous reading of all."

"It provided me new insight into analytic reading."

"I am using these skills in all classes."

"I've been finding these structures in different classes."

"I can show others what I was taught."

"I feel more prepared to pass AzMerit."

Parent Testimonials

"I didn't graduate high school, and now I think I can help my son."

"Easy to follow while kids are reading and studying."

"Thank you for doing this.  Our town needs this so much."

"Don't stop.  I would come again."


  • Develop literacy AND implementation solutions

  • Focus on few things and do them well

  • Develop mastery in smart comprehension and critical thinking skills

  • Be innovative about using what we know and have

  • Readiness is dependent on nonfiction literacy

  • Content-area teachers take a lead role in nonfiction literacy​

Preston W. Webster

M.A. Curriculum and Instruction